A Vibrant Botanical Feel for a Five Story Town House, for an Australian Family, in the Centre of Historic Oxford

An elegant five story town house for an Australian family, in the centre of historic Oxford

This Australian Family had bought an amazing historic house in the center of Oxford, they also had an apartment in London and spent time going back and forwards, as their children were going to study at Oxford, they had a very modern house in Australia, like a glass box jutting out of a hill side, but having bought this beautiful old historic house in Summertown, central Old Oxford, and wanted a more Classical elegant English feel, although she was a famous writer and came from New Zealand, and loved shapes and colour, and he had an amazing electric guitar collection, so liked to dip in and out of influences and make a warm family home, but not just lots of cold off greys, that others were recommending, so we had a great repour together.

Drawing room


We made the curtains with a goblet heading, and created a scattered set for the bay window, with crystal aqua blue tassel tiebacks, this works well if the bay is big enough and gets the softness of the fabric around the windows during the day, we used a beautiful birds of paradise embroidered linen fabric, and had to go to the factory and set out the bay poles on a giant template, they have lovely acanthus floral finial ends, and our handmade English sofas were done in a sanderson ribbed stripe, our handmade ottoman is in a French crushed velvet with lots of moment, and the wing armchair is in a fun zig zag contrast purple fabric, the handbound carpet rug was made to order in the yellows of the trailing flowers in the main curtain fabric, walls were set in a zoffany Paris grey to keep it neutral and modern, and just needs a collection of paintings and family portraits to complete the look, we made a raspberry red border to the walls to link the curtain fabric around the room, we supplied and made the lampshades as well.



Interesting tropical fabric embordered silk with lots of colour to make the entrance welcoming, along with the raspberry purple tartan stairs carpet runner.

Landing Hall Areas


Throughout the landings of the house we made these  roman blinds in colourful embroidered silks, for a cheerful feel, to propel you up and down the five floors, so each floor had a welcoming personality.



They went with a very modern Pogg and Poll kitchen, and to soft the feel they wanted us to make a soft pole wrap in a complimentary embroidered silk fabric, lined in a shot silk lime contrast, and a antiqued silvered pole, to match the café style antiqued mirror, for a Parisian softness feel against the modern kitchen feel.

Garden Room


This was a cold room so we made a set of our beautiful upholstered dining chairs in French Provence fabrics, to help warm the room up on a cold winters day, the rug we had made, as a biscuit base to anchor the room the armchairs are also from our collection and upholstered in a strong purple French velvet  handmade, we painted the window frames in a garden/olive green to link the room to the garden, and help give it a personality, we made dress romans to the windows in a harlequin embroidered linen weave fabric.

Family Room


This room gets used the most, and done in vibrant French Provence collection, also the handmade ottoman is a must for any interior , as this is coil sprung and acts lick a run-up for a sofa as well as being able to sit on it, also having a soft centre , make the room more welcoming, we made a scattered set of curtains in a French stripe, with cartridge headings, and wrought iron poles and tiebacks, along with a anchoring rug, we swapped the cushions around on the sofa to break it up a bit and add interest.

Master Bedroom


A calm serine feel, we made our chase lounge so the client could recline with a book in the bay window, a little get away for 20mins space, we made a scattered bay set of curtains, contrast edged, in a coffee mocha sanderson silk, and followed the colour in a contrast border line around the room, we made a contrast quilted bed spread in a modern German fabric weave and the contrast fabric on the chase lounge is also a striking German heavy weave, we also made the headboard from German fabrics.

A Ladys Writing Study


We made The curtains from an fresh embroidered linen, to give a botanical feel, which reminded her of her childhood in New Zealand.