Upholstery We Have Designed & Made For Our Clients

Our Upholstery

Alexander Furnishings offers a full re-upholstery and re-covering service. We can collect your sofa and armchairs and then bring them back fully restored, we also have an in-house range of the finest British handmade sofas, arm chairs, run-ups, dining chairs and ottomans to choose from.

Our Sofas

All my sofas and armchairs are properly coil sprung deep cage seating, with feather & down cushions seats and backs, using seasoned English ash steam bent frames, like a Morgan motor car, and peg jointed, so as comfortable as a Bentley

Windsor Sofa

We made this sofa for clients in Henley-on-Thames, upholstered in a beautiful heavy rustic French linen, and contrast piped, with contrast bullion fringe to base, Gp&J Baker embroidered linen cushions, glamorous contrast rope on cushions in French Chartreuse, along with the curtain tiebacks all handmade to order.

“Windsor Sofa”

1 x Handmade English two-seater Windsor Sofa L165 x D90 x H86 £1980.00

Fabric required

15 x mtrs of French rustic Linen croise blanc @£80.00/mtr £1200.00

3.5 x mtrs of croise gris @£80.00/mtr  (contrast piping) £280.00

Chesterfield Sofa

A really well-proportioned Chesterfield sofa,  I’ve spent a lot of time getting the proportions just right , a total timeless classic, for a traditional interior or a modern one, and so comfortable, for that English exclusive club look pictures above – a pair of chesterfield sofa made for clients in Thames Ditton, Surrey

“Chesterfield Sofa”

Chesterfield 2.5 seater sofa £2890.00

Fabric required

12 x mtrs of Persian pomegranate 100%linen @£65.83/mtr (1 x chesterfield sofa) £789.96

Oxford Sofa

A similar sofa to the Grosvenor sofa, but with a separate back cushion, sometimes its nice mixing them up, one Grosvenor and one oxford as they complement each other.

Picture 1, 2.5 seater oxford sofa made for clients Thameside country cottage, Wallingford.

Picture 2, a 3 seater oxford sofa made for clients Thameside country cottage, Wallingford.

Picture 3, a small cottage 2 seater oxford sofa made for clients Thameside country cottage, Wallingford.

“Oxford Sofa”

1 x 3 seater oxford sofa 223cms wide x 90cms deep x 103cms high, coil sprung £2740.00

1 x 2.5 seater oxford sofa 189cms wide x 90cms deep x 90cms high, coil sprung £2510.00

1 x 2 seater oxford sofa 137cms wide x 70cms deep x 90cms high, coil sprung £1960.00

All sofas traditionally made in England, with individual coil sprung cage base, doweled peg jointed ash frames, feather foam wrap cushion inserts to give maximum comfort, turned antique mid oak legs on brass castors.

Fabric required

20mtrs of Evelyn rose rich cream @£51.00/mtr  (3 seater sofa) £1020.00

Scotchguard fabric @£10.50/mtr  £210.00

29 x mtrs of crush cream moleskin washable @£35.00/mtr (2.5 seater & 2 seater sofa) £1015.00

3.5 x mtrs of crush green moleskin washable @£35.00/mtr  (2.5 seater & 2 seater sofa) £122.50

Grosvenor Sofa

our handmade upholstered back Howard style sofa , with low arms , a classic, I think the low arms makes it really useful as more guests can be accommodated on it, if necessary, over a high arm or wide arm sofa, a really padded comfortable sofa, available with a box pleated skirt base or turned legs picture above – we made this Grosvenor sofa for clients in a town house in Oxford, upholstered in a stunning French velvet with lots of movement.

“Grosvenor Sofa”

1 x Grosvenor 2.5 seater sofa (fixed back) with box pleat skirt £2585.00

Fabric required

16 x mtrs of French velour @£40.83/mtr (sofa) £653.33

Windsor Sofa

A beautiful upholstered back sofa , with a scroll back flourish, interesting from all sides, a versatile classical or modern feel, with hand polished delicate oak turned legs, and brass castors Available in an chair, 2 seater, 2.5 seater and 3 seater.

“Windsor Sofa”

1 x Traditional Windsor sofa 2.5 seater with box pleated skirt upholstered in French chateau velvet lozenges, coil sprung cage base and feather cushions £2112.00

Fabric required

18 x mtrs of French galaxie @£134.00/mtr (textured weave 2.5seater) £2412.00

15 x mtrs of flamboyance velvet oyster @£41.66/mtr (plain 2.5seater sofa) £624.90

3.5 x mtrs of contrast piping flamboyance velvet caramel @£41.66/mtr £145.81

Windsor Sofa ‘L’ Shaped

Corner ‘L’ shaped sofas, essentially a really comfortable sofa turned into a corner sofa, unlike some readymade corner sofas that are just foam exercises, this is made traditionally with a proper deep coil spring cage, and seasoned ash, and peg jointed, it keeps the welcoming rounded arms that aren’t too exaggerated, of the Windsor perfect proportions, so doesn’t lose any sitting space, to huge arms and doesn’t need the scroll back as against a wall, Picture above, A Windsor ‘L’ shaped sofa with a box pleated base instead of turned legs to give it an anchored feel, it great to mix up an interior, so some sofas are the anchor points of the room,  A bit like a Bentley 4x4, not a traditional sofa width, but made using traditional technique’s to create a modern alternative to a standard sofa, we made this for clients in a rectory in Oxfordshire, feather and down seat and back cushions, upholstered in Threads, velvets with lots of movement and French Embroidered Cushions.

“Traditional Windsor Sofa”

1 x “L Shaped ”Traditional Windsor sofa , 3 seater & 2.5 seater with box pleated skirt upholstered in velvet with contrast velvet piping, coil sprung cage base and feather cushions£4380.00

Fabric required

36 x mtrs of velvet antique @£41.66/mtr ( L shaped seater sofa) £1499.76

5 x mtrs of contrast piping velvet mole @£41.66/mtr (L shaped seater sofa) £249.96

Trafalgar Sofa

My favourite sofa , I have redesigned the proportions for smaller interiors , and with the tassel tiebacks and folding sides, gives a stand out piece of furniture for the feature drawing room, also very anchoring and pleasing design and wonderful distilled proportions, to build a room around, Available in a 2 seater, 2.5 seater and 3 seater cartridges and goblets.

“Trafalgar Sofa”

2 x 2.5 seater Trafalgar sofa 183cms long x 80cms deep x 75cms high, traditionally hand made in England with coil sprung base and feather insert cushion pads  @£2145.00ea  £4290.00

Fabric required

32 x mtrs of oyster velvet @£62.50/mtr less 10% £2000.00

7 x mtrs of oatmeal velvet @£62.50 less 10% £400.00

11 x mtrs of bullion fringe @£19.12/mtr £210.00

4 x tassle tiebacks @£53.60ea £214.00

The Clifton Sofa

a modern sofa, with square edges, either with a ‘T’ shape seat or square seat, traditionally made coil sprung seat. Pictures 1, 2 & 3 – 3x Clifton sofa’s, 3 seaters, made for a clients vaulted barn in the Chilterns, in rustic French linens with contrast piped. Picture 4 – A clifton 2.5 seater sofa made for a clients house in Oxford, in French Provence fabrics.

“Clifton Sofa”

2 x 3 seater large Handmade English coil sprung Clifton sofas height 100cms x width 236cms x depth 103cms @£2585.00ea £5170.00

Fabric required

17 x mtrs of croise crem @£112.50/mtr (sofa 1) £1912.50

17 x mtrs of croise crem @£112.50/mtr (sofa 2) £1912.50

2 x mtrs of croise crem @£112.50/mtr (sofa 1 piping)  £224.00

2 x mtrs of croise crem @£112.50/mtr (sofa 2 piping) £224.00

38 x mtrs of croise scotchgarded treatment @£10.50/mtr £399.00


Our Dining Chairs

Highmore Upholstered Straight or Camel Back Dining Chairs

Coil sprung seats, and straight Gainsborough, George 1st legs, beautiful English country house handmade dining chairs, really comfortable for guests and family for long relaxed comfortable lunches and dinners, would work well for long boardroom presentations as well.

Camel Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

Camel back upholstered dining chairs, the seat and back upholstered in contrasting American modern weave fabrics. Legs French polished and toned to match the table.

Camel back dining chair guest £486.00+vat fabric needed 2mtrs
Camel back dining chair host (with arms) £586.00+vat fabric needed 2mtrs

Camel Back Upholstered Dining Chairs

Camel back upholstered dining chairs, in Provence French fabrics, legs in limed oak.

Camel back dining chair guest £486.00+vat fabric needed 2mtrs
Camel back dining chair host (with arms) £586.00+vat fabric needed 2mtrs

Our Armchairs

The Painswick Wing Armchair

Ball and claw stand out wing chair, nice generous size, and perfect for old country houses to keep the draughts out while sitting by the fire, pictures above – Painswick wing armchair made for clients oxford town house

Painswick wing arm chair £1595+vat, fabric needed 8mtrs

The Lechlade Armchair


Open arm riverside tavern Edwardian armchair, something quite at home in “wind in the willows”, chesterfield studded, a really pleasing and very comfortable design pictures above, Lechlade armchair made for clients hall in Thameside village of Thames Ditton, Surrey, upholstered in lily pads design, the themes of the house interiors being close to the Thames, bright and fun pattern but classic feel at the same time.

Lechlade armchair £2035+vat, fabric needed 5mtrs

The Gloucester Armchair


We make it with a fixed back or separate back cushion and a square seat or a seat pad that goes around the arm, ‘T’ shape seat, has a modern straight base, unshaped , and simple tapered legs, works in a traditional or modern tailored setting pictures above, a pair of ‘T’ shaped seat, with back cushions, Gloucester armchairs made for clients house in Oxford, French Provence fabrics.

Gloucester armchair £1390+vat, fabric needed, 8mtrs (large pattern)

Oxford Armchair


similar to the Grosvenor but with a separate back cushion not a fixed back, a subtle way of getting more neck support for taller people, we had a client who had a bad neck and were able to raise the Hight of the back cushion by 6 inches to accommodate his neck, for more support, without spoiling the proportions picture above is an armchair made for clients town house in Oxford.

“Oxford Armchair”


1 x Oxford armchair (with separate back cushion) with box pleat skirt £1440.00


Fabric required


9 x mtrs of French velour @£40.83/mtr (armchair) £367.47



The Eton Armchair


A really pretty little scroll back upholstered seat armchair, I originally maid a pair of Etons for a stone Georgian vicarage near bath, in an unbelievable position like perched on a precipice, with incredible views from the drawing room, they needed a little pair that could work with two sofas, we made, and had to be stand out pieces as you came into the room, the scroll back gave visual interest when you came into the room, and a great choice for a pair of stand alone interesting armchairs pictures above, Eton armchair made for clients Edwardian house in Thames Ditton, upholstered in Venetian Italian fabric and cushion.

Eton scroll back armchair £2080+vat, fabric needed 4mtrs

The Hambleden Armchair


A really comfortable, coil sprung armchair with separate back and base cushion for extra support, great as a pair in a drawing room scheme.

A pair of Hambleden armchairs made for a client in Thames Ditton, Surrey, in Edwardian deck chair upholstery stripe from Colefax and fowler.

Hambleden armchair £1905+vat, fabric needed 8mtrs

The Hambleden Armchair Continued

A pair of Hambleden armchairs made for a clients house in the oxfordshire countryside. Upholstered in Swedish blue grey checks, with 100% down cushioned seats and amazingly comfortable.

Hambleden armchair £1905+vat, fabric needed 8mtrs

Hampton Chaise Longue Recliner


our stunning day recliner, perfect to catch a quick break with a cup of tea and a book, coil sprung upholster and as comfortable as a handmade sofa, with scroll back picture above – we made this for our clients lady of the house bay window, in the master bedroom, historic town house in summer town, oxford, upholstered in heavy weave, German fabrics.

“Hampton Chaise Longue”


1 x Hampton scroll back day chaise£2090.00


Fabric required


10 x mtrs of Alberico @£125.20/mtr £1252.00

Gentleman’s Club , Sherlock Holmes Authentic Armchairs

The Garrick Armchair

A classic English arm, the Garrick is a deep-seated Victorian smoker’s chair. Entirely made in the style of the originals, the fillings are natural and traditional.  After the seat has been carefully hand-tied with English double cone springs, generous quantities of cotton felt, horsehair, coir and black fibre are carefully worked into the frame by our skilled upholsterers. These are very time-consuming tasks, but produce chairs of heirloom quality entirely faithful to the originals. It’s unsurprising that many grand houses have chosen chairs like the Garrick, the Hurlingham & the Athenaeum grace their interiors. Pictures above a pair of Garrick fireside armchairs, for clients town house in Oxford, upholstered in Pierre Frey,  something you could imagine sherlock Holmes sitting in, as totally original to the period.

Garrick armchair, £2286+vat, fabric required 7mtrs

The Carlton Armchair

Featuring the classic English arm style, the Carlton comes in two seat depths. Regular and deep, The backs and seats are coil sprung, with each double-cone spring being individually stitched to a webbing lattice, then hand tied in 8 separate directions to form a durable yet comfortable support mechanism. Front legs can be either turned or tapered, and both variants feature antique brass castors with ferrules, though other finishes are available. Solid mahogany legs are hand polished to a medium colour as standard, but again, this can be varied to order both in terms of colour and wood species. Seat cushion choices include feather and down as standard, with feather wrapped foam or fibre available if preferred.

Carlton armchair, £2185+vat, fabric required 9mtrs
Carlton run-up, £754+vat, fabric required 2mtrs

Shallow Garrick Armchair

The shallow Garrick armchair shares the silhouette of the standard Garrick armchair, but has a shallower seat.  Other than the seat depth, the construction of the chair is the same as the Garrick, entirely traditional with no foam being used.

Shallow Garrick armchair, £2185+vat, fabric required 7mtrs

The Athenaeum Armchair

The Radley is a Victorian “smoking chair”. Inspiration for this piece came from a very battered antique found at a roadside market stall in Oxfordshire. The princely sum of £10 was paid for what passed for a chair, and from this an excellent replica has been developed which looks equally handsome in leather or fabric, or indeed, a combination of the two. It features a deep seat and recumbent sitting position which is ideal when coupled with a matching foot stool. The legs are hand-turned from solid mahogany, whilst the frame is of solid beech and ash construction. Hand-tied coil springs are stitched into place on traditional webbing in the seat and back, then covered with traditional natural fillings like hair, black fibre, cotton wadding and wool.

Athenaeum armchair, £2286+vat, fabric required 7mtrs

The Hurlingham Armchair

A delightfully compact chair, the Hurlingham has a firm, yet comfortable sitting position which suits hour upon hour of use, whether reading, watching a film or just talking with friends. The deep-buttoned back is sculpted to provide excellent lumbar support and is tall enough to cradle the head when leaning back.

Hurlingham armchair, £2286+vat, fabric required 7mtrs

Our Ottomans

Box Deep Ottoman

Versatile ottoman sofa run-up, and less expensive than our Remenham rolls Royce ottoman. Picture above we made this ottoman for clients in Henley-on-Thames, in a cheerful Swedish check, to compliment the scheme.

Box deep ottoman, £624+vat, fabric required 2mtrs

Remenham Ottoman

This is just so perfect, individual coil sprung seat, so as comfortable to sit on as a handmade sofa, looks good in a traditional interior or modern, with the timeless Gainsborough George 1st straight legs, I’ve added a glass shelf underneath for magazine and remote controls, and can act as a comfortable run-up for a sofa, a room feels so much more welcoming  with an upholstered piece in the centre. Picture above is upholstered in a Bernard Thorpe linen herringbone stripe, with glass shelf above for tea trays, or magazines etc, made for a farmer’s farmhouse in Ipsden, Oxfordshire.

Remenham ottoman, £745+vat, fabric required 2mtrs


Ball and Claw Ottoman With Chesterfield Studs

Ball and claw ottoman, £695+vat, fabric required 2mtrs

Upholstered Box Sofa Side Tables

A padded upholstered table, a relaxing alternative to wooden ones, when they were installed the sofa suddenly felt really anchored and somehow lower in the room , like a continuous unit, Bernard Thorpe weave check, colours of corn and wheat to pick up the wheat fields colour all around the cottage, made for a farmer’s wife in ipsden.

Upholstered box sofa side tables, £495+vat, fabric required 2.5mtrs

A little story of craftsmanship, behind your new sofas and armchairs

Upholstery workroom – all our beautiful sofas and armchairs are handmade in our workrooms in England, with a range of options from foam fill, to feather fill and horse hair wadding, foam, feather and down, feather and foam wrap or foam and Dacron wrap seat and back cushions.